Junkanoo 2.13

Eliminate junk mail before it ever reaches your inbox


  • Support for white and black lists
  • Includes editor to send emails


  • You have to manually approve messages


Junkanoo sits between youy email server and client, acting as a filter for spam messages. It doesn't work in the usual way where you "train" the program according to the type of messages you receive. Instead of that, Junkanoo displays the messages still on your server and allows you to filter them before actually downloading them with your favorite email client.

The program marks messages as spam according to the most typical characteristics of this kind of messages: empty subject lines, links inside the message, strange characters, etc. However, it is you who has to manually mark each message as definitive spam or approve it to enter your inbox. Junkanoo also has support to create white and black lists for allowed and banned sender domains respectively.

Besides filtering spam in your mailbox, the program includes a small editor to send messages from Junkanoo, featuring also a spellchecker.

This unique and intuitive application allows you to block junk mail (spam) from ever reaching your inbox, while allowing email from trusted senders to pass immediately! Through the easy-to-use configuration and main screen, you will quickly and efficiently manage potential junk emails, your POP3 and SMTP accounts, and email filter rules.

This is what Junkanoo has to offer:

  • Check unlimited number of POP3 email accounts.
  • Setup in minutes... start filtering junk email immediately.
  • Delete junk email automatically or manually directly from server.
  • Ignore email over specified size.
  • Quickly view messages in plain text, html or raw format.
  • Reply to messages or send new message through SMTP server.
  • Use whitelist to ensure good email reaches you.
  • Check for personal information to identify good email.
  • Use blacklist to fine tune junk filter.



Junkanoo 2.13

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